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  • schroteri - If you don't like me or the way I operate, get the hell out. No joke.
    deafeuphoria - Yap.

    IF YOU WANT TO PROMOTE ANOTHER COMMUNITY IN THIS ONE, you need to clear that with a moderator first. You can contact any of the moderators to do so. If your community has nothing to do with Silent Hill, chances are we will not approve it.

    Also, please make sure your posts are at least somewhat related to Silent Hill - completely off topic posts, say, because you want to spam a link so you can get free stuff, will be deleted as soon as we see them. On to the content...

    silenthill is a community for fans of Silent Hill, a survival horror game which began on the Playstation and has since expanded to the X-Box. This is a place for you to share tips and hints with other fans, to talk about news, traumatic experiences and anything in general about the game.

    Please have respect for all fans. If you have obvious spoilers, PLEASE use the Livejournal Cut Tag when posting an entry and make it completely obvious that you are posting a spoiler and please post any large-sized images or posts containing multiple images by using the LJ Cut Tag as well. Not all members of this community have high-speed internet connections and failing to use an LJ Cut is disrespectful to them as well as being highly annoying to everyone else's friends lists when the images take a century to load. Okay? Got that? Good show!

    If you have questions or concerns about the community, feel free to contact a moderator.

    Here's some fun sites, if you're interested in learning more about Silent Hill :

    + Translated Memories
    + Silent Hill Heaven
    + The Otherworld
    + Silent Hill Sims

    There's also some great story outlines on GameFAQs. Just do a search on Silent Hill.

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